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Peggy's Pumkin Field

Dead Pumpkins, 2010

It's autumn in Snohomish, around October, and the pumpkins start to appear everywhere. Beginning as flowers in the summer – they arrive round and splendid – a symbol of fecundity and fertility. Orange orbs grace fenceposts, windows sills, dot fields, get carved up into faces, win contests, roll down driveways, flavor pies, and decorate the harvest table next to the wheat stalks.

But after Thanksgiving everything pumpkin stops. The farmers leave them to rot in the fields; plows split them open as they clear the corn fields to feed hungry migrating birds; mud time begins. Pumpkins begin to rot very slowly – orange skins turning to pinks, blues, yellows, and greens as molds and moisture do their work. The cold wrinkles pumpkin membranes and freezes the ground as seeds slowly fall out and into the earth.They sit frozen in ice – pumpkinfield ghosts.

Dead Pumpkins is an allegory of life and death and life again. We see death happening before our eyes, but we know that the seeds have been planted and October will come again.

My Dead Pumpkins photographs are about objects not usually a focus of attention. I believe that beauty is not as ephemeral as people think. It is not just about the flower at full bloom: it's about the cycle of growth, ripeness, and death in which the total richness of life is expressed